Friday, April 16, 2010

Les fleurs et la frange - une combinaison de réussite!

Flowers and fringe - a winning combination!

De Vinyl

Natalia Fatalé is specially created as Aidoru* concept and OOAK doll for the IFDC. Following all the recent drama, the “La Fatalé” travelled to Paris in 2010 and met a famous artist (only known as “DeVinyl”) at a cocktail party and allowed him to create a new “look” for her. Inspired by opera, The Mikado, “La Fatalé” was transformed by DeVinyl  into a modern, East-West fusion of a fashion étoile and a Japanese “aidoru” for the “brand new look and a brand new attitude” campaign of the "Fatalé Cosmetics".
The base doll had a face-paint makeover and has been dressed in an authentic, handmade, 1/6-scaled modern Japanese kimono. This is DeVinyl’s first OOAK attempt. *In Japanese  culture, idols or “aidorus” are (usually female) media personalities who regularly appear in the mass media (e.g. as singers, bit-part actors, TV personalities, models in photo spreads published in magazines, advertisements, etc). The idol phenomenon began during the early seventies, reflecting a boom in Japan for the musician Sylvie Vartan in the French film “Cherchez l'idole” in 1963.
DeVinyl is a finance analyst by day and a wannabe “graphic artist” by night.   He collects fabulous dolls, and hopes to one day quit his day job to work with his fairy godfather Alain Tremblay of Integrity Toys.  To learn more about DeVinyl and his other projects, you can follow him on Twitter (crypto2000) or view his works, including Aidoru Natalia, on Flickr (DeVinyl2000).
Mary Ann Daughdrill

Mary Ann is best known in the doll world as MAD.  She has been collecting since 1996, and began with Vintage Barbie.   As soon as the Silkstone Barbie was released she was hooked!  Since then she has branched out into Fashion Royalty and really love them most because of the articulation -but admits vintage Barbie  will always have her heart. 

She began MAD Doll Stands because she couldn't stand "normal" doll stands messing up the clothes or just plain being in the way.  Read all about thse stands here:

Mary Ann loves OOAK dolls, and is finding it amazing to see the different things people arfe doing with the same doll.  She thinks this was a GREAT idea for IFDC, and is so glad she got to be a part of it!

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