Thursday, June 17, 2010

Une variété inclding la Porto Rico propre, une icône et même un imposter!

Puerto Rico's own, an icon, and even an imposter!
Osvaldo Vazquez

Ruby Passion Sonia is wearing red, the color of the heart and the color of passion; both appropriate as she represents love.  My OOAK doll, Sonia was inspired by the passion and love that Jim puts into the convention. He puts his whole heart into making IFDC an enjoyable experience. not just for the collectors, but also to help make a difference in the lives of others through his charity auction for families affected by AIDS.

I decided to give Sonia softer, more sensuous curls, I relaxed her hair into soft waves, then removed her original paint, and gave her a more smoldering look with smoky eye shadow and deep red lips. Her dress is made of red satin accented with seed beads at the bodice. It is tightly fitted at the hips and then flares out dramatically at the bottom. She wears red hoop earrings with white accents. Sonia is my Puerto Rican beauty queen who lives an inspired life - passionate community activist by day, dazzling diva by night. Once she dances into your heart, you are forever changed.

Your artist is Osvaldo Vazquez, better known as Ovaz. I create OAAK designer fashions for Fashion Royalty and Barbie.  I have just recently started branching out into the “bigger girls” and creating designs for Avant Guards as well as Tonner dolls. I love designing clothes; I have had a passion for design ever since I was a teenager. I grew up in Puerto Rico. and dance is a large part of my culture, I loved to see the way fabric moves and flows on a woman’s body, I translate that into my miniature gowns for my dolls.  I enjoy the classics, but I also enjoy cutting edge designs that are futuristic; I like to try new styles and fabrics. I work with everything from sequins, beads and feathers, to satin, chiffon and vinyl. Sometimes I feel like an artist with his paints - only my paints are my fabric and my dolls are my canvas. I love to create beautiful things for others to enjoy, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing or hearing about someone who is enjoying my dolls and or/designs. The world is full of so much beauty I want to be a part of focusing on that, to celebrate the goodness in life, to share my passion with others.

I will be at IFDC with my designs and look forward to connecting with my old friends as well as making new ones. In addition to my OOAK “Natalia” for the silent auction, I will also be presenting a new OOAK doll at the live charity auction at IFDC which benefits families affected by aids. This is a truly worthwhile cause. I am grateful that Jim gives both the doll artists and the collectors an opportunity to give back to the community. It is my hope that this year is a record breaker at raising funds for families affected by AIDS. I look forward to this happy reunion with my IFDC family. You can view more of Ovaz’ work on his website.

Johnny B.Good

My name is Johnny Primm; I submitted this Natalia as a collaboration witht\ Deb Buckner (disenchanted) and her daughter Jessica Hardman (Cozy Couture Crochet).  Our doll, Sophia, was made in tribute to great Italian actresses of the 50s/60s such as Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.  I hand made Sophia’s dress and necklace; her hair was relaxed and re-styled in a Courtesan updo by Jessica.  Deb enhanced and sealed her eye paint and did the photos.  She carries a FR handbag.

I collected vintage Barbie from 1976 to 1986 when I sold the collection (keeping my favorite Midges) and moved to Northern Virginia. I started working with dolls again in the early 90s, buying interesting fashion dolls at yard sales and thrift shops, and decorating them in bizarre costumes that included such materials as mardi gras beads, plastic flies and paper mache. I began collecting Fashion Royalty in 2006, starting just before the 3rd Jason Wu convention in Baltimore. Once I arrived home with the convention line and several other purchases, I started designing actual clothing for the dolls. I hand sew and hand bead every outfit that I make. I'm still learning and enjoying the process.

Deb Buckner and Jessica Hardman have been working together since 1998.  They began making OOAK Barbies and selling them on eBay.  In 2000 they changed their venue to making over vintage Ooak Cabbage Patch dolls; 2007  brought another interest into they life though when they became interesting in Fashion Royalty dolls.  Jessica now produces alone, and Deb is happily retired and considers herself a doll collector.  They have attended many doll convention together over the years.  Jessica’s crochet work was featured in the Summer issue of  FDQ magazine.

France Briere

Callie is an FR Adele standing in for Natalia.  This doll is a complete repaint with piercing green eyes and plum lips.  She wears a white leather skirt and top with forest green tulle.  She elegantly wears black mesh gloves and stockings.  Her earrings and hair décor are Swarovski beads.

I am a French Canadian born in Quebec.  I had lots of different careers in my life from sales representative, legal secretary, fashion model, Flight Attendant for Air Canda, and even a flight instructor.  Then one day I discovered the world of doll repaint/makeover!  I have been doing my doll art for seven years and I am still enjoying every minute of it.  I also love to make doll jewelry and usually each of my creations come with their own OOAK jewelry set.  You can find out more about France by checking her out on eBay – ID “bijou”doll”, her About Me page on eBay, or on her website.

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