Tuesday, May 4, 2010

La repeinture, le Paon, la Garde-robe - Natalia fait Narnia!!

Repaint, Peacock, Wardrobe - Natalia does Narnia!?!


Natalia received a full repaint---steel grey eyes, and smokey shadow, featuring peach sorbet lips. She also received a full reroot in raven black, and red red wine saran hair.  Her dress is an eggplant metallic stretch lace with a velvet and embroidered ribbon corset.  She is wearing OOAK jewelry--earrings, necklace and bracelet by Shiloh Winter Jewelry (a collaboration with Laurie's daughter..)

Laurie Lenz holds a Bachelor degree in Graphics and Photography, and was trained at Drexel University, and Moore College of Art and Design. She has worked in the music business on the art end creating album cover designs, photography, t-shirts, promotional packages, and one of a kind portraits. She has also worked as an Art Director and Graphic Artist for an international toy company, Tyco Toys, in the Product Graphics Department, and was involved with the graphics for several of Disney's Little Mermaid doll line of products.

In 2005, after many years of struggling with medical problems that made pregnancy seem out of reach, her husband's malignant melanoma, and skyrocketing medical bills, in order to keep the family afloat, she sold her entire line of  heirloom vintage Barbies believing that when God closes a door, He always opens a window - and he did! Through that she discovered the work of Laurie Everton of the Barbie Canvas, and the magical world of repainting! Laurie Everton, and Lisa Gates answered a million questions, and Laurie got several books by Jim Faraone from the library, and dove in head first. Since then, she's living a dream, and the culmination of all the things she loves about art, fashion, photography and dolls!

Laurie is blessed to have been featured in Haute Doll Magazine, and Fashion Doll Quarterly.  She is also a member of Metrodolls, and will soon join the ranks of the newest online doll mall, Couture Doll Shops. Laurie loves dolls, photography, repainting, rerooting, making doll couture, doll jewelry, and designing wigs for dolls.  Her great joy is working with her 15 yr old daughter, Shiloh, of Shiloh Winter Jewelry.  You can find Laurie Lenz' work at ANGELS Doll Studio


Sarafina is presenting "MAYA". The colours of this creation/makeover have been inspired by "Mayuri" (meaning Peacock).  MAYAs hair has been pulled back in to a ponytail and had small braids done to be finally arranged into a semi updo and ponytail style. She has on a sari created from a teal green sequin fabric (that are stitched onto a net background) and lined in a teal blue fabric.  The skirt section of the sari fans out at the back just as you would expect with the peacock's. 

The top "choli" is a halter neck piece.  The sari can be worn with "palou" (wrap which is attached) draped from front to back or back to front. Beaded flower accents have been added to help keep gathers/pleats in place. Final touches include a "Bindi" for forehead (one stuck and one removable), earrings, bracelet and open-toe sandals. Small henna details have been added to bellybutton and tips of fingers (but have not been sealed).  Now MAYA is all set to attend her own Bollywood Premiere.

My name is Safina Mahmood and I have been sewing as a hobby since the age of nine.  I started sewing for dolls, moved on to humans and even started creating some soft furnishings. I returned to my love of sewing for dolls for my daughter a few years back which lead to me meeting a wide range of wonderful doll collectors all over the world via the Internet. I was also lucky enough to have been selected to participate in the first Project Dollway, and I now try to find every free opportunity to create for a range of dolls.  My doll collection ranges from the small Bratz to... Silkstone Barbie/Fashion Royalty dolls... to Tyler/Sydney/Matt/Antoinette and Sybarites... a vinyl ABJD... right upto Tonners 22" AM.  I have yet to create a website but occasionally sell on eBay under user ID: mini_designer_fashions and can be contacted by email.


Pauline's BW Designs presents “A Blue Romance” OOAK Giftset featuring the re-imagined Back to Black Natalia . The doll herself has had a hot water treatment to tame the long curly hair, a bit of a trim and then rolled into three buns for a courtly look. The face make up has not been changed. Pauline says some people like their dolls to wear gowns, some people like their dolls to wear lingerie!  She created a two-piece gown, and she also has her favourite lingerie (bra, bloomers and bed jacket) to change into later! Her earrings are blue rhinestones and necklace is a cameo choker, all adding to a vintage feel along with her parasol and handmade shoes.

Pauline Lyngard is the designer behind B/W Designs. She is married lady with no children who loves to spoil her three Italian Greyhounds and one diva of a Lilac Point Siamese cat. Her main job is working as a payroll technician, but she has done several jobs including being a licensed Esthetician, and has even worked in the fashion/modeling industry. Her doll "job" since 2003 has been as a fabric artist that uses dolls as her "canvas". In her opinion, "Texture is more important than color, and my work focuses on that concept."  She had the pleasure of designing for and acting as chairperson for her doll club’s mini-conference held March 2009. She has participate in online competitions including the Projects Dollway and Couture Doll Design Challenges and is a proud member of the newest online doll mall, Couture Doll Shops. Pauline loves what she does because it allows her to stretch her designing skills in a public forum.

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